The Texas Interdisciplinary Plan is a collection of selective academic programs that has operated jointly out of the College of Natural Sciences and College of Liberal Arts since 2002. The Texas Interdisciplinary Plan’s mission is to transform the learning experience for its students by creating small academic communities that first promotes academic excellence and then encourages intellectual investment. The main programs housed in the Texas Interdisciplinary Plan include TIP Scholars and TIP Mentor Academy. Together, these programs serve approximately 900 students each year. Many students participate in all programs and therefore, are served all 4 years of their college career.

TIP Scholars

The TIP Scholars program provides a small-college experience to approximately 325 freshmen each year through linked classes, a critical thinking course, tutoring, dedicated advising and peer mentoring and support continues into their second year. TIP Scholars targets students who have excelled in high school even in the face of adversity. Students must apply and be selected to the program.

TIP Mentor Academy

This nationally certified mentoring program selects and trains academically successful undergraduates from the Colleges of Natural Sciences and Liberal Arts to mentor TIP scholars. Mentor selection is highly competitive. Recruitment for the TIP Mentor Academy takes places each October. Mentors work with a small group of five to six first-year TIP Scholars and may tutor one or more academic subjects in the TIP Scholars Learning Lab.  Mentor training involves completing NSC 109:  Introduction to Peer Mentoring and Leadership and participation in the CNS Peer Leader Academy.

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