• Da’Marcus Baymon is a pre-med Neurobiology major in the College of Natural Sciences in the 2009 TIP Scholars cohort. Da’Marcus has been a TIP Ambassador, TIP Peer Academic Mentor and Tutor, and was awarded UT’s Outstanding Student in 2013.

  • Albert Chavez is a Psychology (BA) major in the College of Liberal Arts and a 2009 TIP Scholar. Since coming to UT Austin he has been able to get involved in campus life by serving as a Resident Assistant and conducting research in the health field.

  • Candice Groce is majoring in Computer Science and is part of the 2009 TIP Scholar cohort. She is a long-standing TIP Peer Academic Mentor and has been an integral part of the TIP staff as Office Assistant.

TIP Scholars is a small academic community for first-year students admitted the College of Natural Science at the University of Texas at Austin. The overall objective is to provide an environment where successful high school students can continue their excellence as successful college students.

The mission of TIP Scholars program is to transform the learning experience for UT students by creating a small academic community that promotes academic excellence and intellectual investment. TIP Scholars are challenged to make the most of what a premier, large research university has to offer while also being a member of a close network of peers. The program creates this academic community by providing first-year students with Academic Peer Mentors, a common academic experience with a TIP-based fall critical thinking signature course and linked core courses, and first-year advising in a dedicated student space centrally located on campus filled with accessible staff.

The TIP Scholars community can be characterized by the core values common to all of its members:


More than high performance, it’s attitude: learn for understanding, learn for the joy of learning, learn with purpose.


Believe and act with a high moral code; in academics, in personal life, in professional life.


Be a pro-active participant in your education; recognize and seek out opportunity, engagement, and experiences.


Build and strengthen relationships within your community of scholars; support others in their pursuit of learning and allow yourself to be supported in return.