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TIP Scholars

You’re a TIP Scholar! – Now What?

Confirming Your TIP Membership
Once you have received your invitation to be a TIP Scholar, make sure to follow the instructions on your invitation to secure your seat and help us prepare for your arrival during Orientation.

Summer Orientation Preparation
Summer Orientation at UT is fun, busy, and one of your first full-blown Longhorn experiences. Make sure things go as smoothly as possible and know what is expected of you before you arrive by exploring the University’s Freshman Orientation page found here.

TIP Orientation FAQ

How is TIP Orientation different from UT Summer Orientation?

    TIP Scholars’ orientation events are integrated into each UT new student orientation offered. TIP components to Orientation supplement the general information provided at orientation and include insights into the transition to college, academic advising, and help with fall registration. Specific information about when and where you will first meet with your new family will be emailed to you approximately a week before your scheduled orientation date. Therefore, it’s important to keep us updated on the Orientation session you registered for with New Student Services.

Is there anything I need to do before I arrive for Orientation?

    Yes! UT and the College of Natural Sciences want you to be as prepared as possible for the transition to UT and provide several resources they want you to complete this summer. Check with New Student Services for university-wide requirements.

    As a Natural Science student, math and chemistry are common core courses that help determine your success in the sciences. UT uses an online program called ALEKS to ensure that you have a smoother start to the challenging curriculum. ALEKS is an online assessment and learning tool for math and chemistry and is crucial in helping you find the right fall courses for you. Completing your math ALEKS assessments before your orientation date will help academic advisors discuss your math options.

    This is not a project to take lightly. Those who do best in these core courses take ALEKS as an opportunity to honestly assess their current knowledge in math and chemistry and use the modules to boost their preparation for the fall. Stay on top of your email for important notices from the College about these placement requirements.

What do I need to know if I’m an International student?

What if I have credit from AP, IB, or Dual Credit courses?

    In order to get credit for any coursework you have completed at another institution, you must send your transcripts from that institution to UT. The sooner you do this the better so that advisors can have a complete academic record to work from as they advise you on your coursework.

    For undergraduates submitting transcripts from other institutions, mail transcripts to The University of Texas at Austin; Office of Admissions; P.O. Box 8058; Austin, TX 78713-8058 or drop your official transcript(s) off in the Main Bldg Room 7.

    New students are often anxious to claim AP credit (or IB credit) for a variety of reasons. We STRONGLY encourage all students to meet with their TIP academic advisor before claiming such credit. Claiming AP credit can sometimes cause issues for some students, especially if you are planning to work in the health professions. The process of claiming credit is not reversible and many times, can wait until after your freshman year.