TIP Mentors

TIP Director

Monica R. Hall-Porter, PhD.
Flawn Academic Center (FAC)2.110


Mailing Address

2304 Whitis Avenue
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX 78712
T: 512-232-6493
F: 512-232-2800


TIP Mentor Academy


About the Peer Mentor Program

The TIP Mentor Academy consists of over 80 trained undergraduate students from the College of Natural Sciences. Their goal is to enhance academic excellence and to encourage a successful transition to the University of Texas at Austin for our TIP Scholars.

Through weekly contact with their mentees, highly trained peer mentors help students learn about campus resources, adjust to college life, pursue extracurricular opportunities, and develop educational and career aspirations.  Mentors also assist Scholars with a group research project for their NSC 209 signature course.


  • A chance to provide excellent academic and social support for our incoming TIP Scholars
  • Opportunity to further develop leadership skills
  • Valuable professional and student development training


  • Since 2008, the  Academy’s curriculum and training have been adapted for training College of Natural Sciences student employees in peer leadership roles.
  • Frequent peer mentoring conferences and research collaborations have connected the Academy with other UT academic departments and universities nationwide.
  • 82% of survey responses from the 2016-2017 TIP freshmen class strongly agree or agree that having a TIP Mentor both increased their confidence as a college students and that the experience helped them to successfully transition from high school to college.


"Being a TIP mentor has given me a better perspective on the diversity of the University.  I’ve also learned to communicate better and how to explain concepts in multiple manners.  I’ve also gotten to know a great bunch of students I never would have met otherwise."
"Being a TIP Mentor is a great way to develop leadership skills.  What we learn now in mentor trainings will continue to help later in life, and being a mentor is awesome because you get to help others.  It’s a lot of work and commitment to be responsible for 4-6 people, but it’s been a great experience."
"The biggest thing I have gained from TIP Mentoring is a greater sense of self-motivation and initiative. I find myself taking the first step to get things done, and I’m not afraid to interact with people I need to work with. Being a tutor has also given me an even greater understanding of a subject as well as how to convey information more effectively."


“[My mentor] knows of many, many resources. I know if I have a question, I can ask her and she will help. If she knows the answer she will refer me to someone, if she doesn't she will research with me. She really cares about us and she shows it. Also, she keeps the group dynamic very positive, which makes me at least feel better if anything rough was happening.”
"My mentor always makes time for us.  He takes his mentoring job very seriously and he does a splendid job of advising and encouraging.  He is always enthusiastic and optimistic and he brightens up my day.  It is nice to have someone so optimistic as a mentor and friend."